Managing HeadMaster
He has 20 years of professional experience to its credit, 15 of them in the sector of the cold-store doors industry. His trajectory and professional evolution has positioned him as a reference in terms of product development, design of production plants and the implementation of management systems of excellence.


Commercial Director
He has 20 years of professional experience, always in the commercial and marketing area, his proactive nature in the sale and the commitment with which he develops the business, have made him a valuable asset for clients. With an international market knowledge, the last 6 years has established himself as one of the leading professionals in the door sector for food, logistics and hospital use. His character stands out for high reliability and empathy with customers.


Sales Manager in Spain

A lifetime dedicated to providing logistics equipment solutions, more than 15 years, where he is part of pioneer companies and leaders in the manufacture of loading docks. The last 5 years he has diversified its product portfolio with the cold-store doors and fast roll-up doors for food industry. This mix of product and knowledge is a plus of versatility to take care of any KAVIFLEX’s project with guarantees.


Administration Director

More than 20 years of experience in managing and finances of leading companies in their respective sectors back up this professional. With experience in the management of international operations of import-export is a very balanced guarantor of the international role of the company.

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