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Global HVAC professionals gather in CIFAC Maroc 2018

What is CIFAC?

The 1st Edition of CIFAC (International Congress of Cold, Air Conditioning and Heating) will begin today, Wednesday, February 14th, in Casablanca (Morocco), attracting hundreds of technical and scientific professionals from the related sectors.
This organization, previously known as SIFAC (International Exhibition of Cold, Air Conditioning and Heating), made 5 different editions, bringing together more than 6000 visitors with a large presence of international brands.

With the change of its name, the magazine CFC Mag, organizator of the congress, wants to establish the main meeting point for industry professionals, who will be discussing the situation of the sector during an intensive day with highly relevant international conferences and high-value B2B exhibitions, regarding the sectors, their challenges and opportunities, as well the potential that can be achieved in both national and global markets.

The event will focus on the leaders and main products of the HVAC sector, the rise of main trends, regulations, standards, new developments and the innovations that are emerging and will deeply affect the future of these areas.
But, above all, CIFAC Maroc 2018 will be a single-day event focused on business development and contacts network growth for local and foreign professionals and their companies, while sharing their experience and conclude new commercial contracts and partnerships.


The entire whole distribution chain of the sector gather in this event: manufacturers, distributors, companies, promoters, installers, final users, prescribers, design offices, consultants, architects, etcetera.

Thanks to CIFAC it’s possible to exchange information, networks and business contacts in the same place, which will allow visitors to get an idea on the current state of the industry and its leaders, while offering an extensive program of conferences that will cover the most relevant aspects for the future of the CVC field (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning).

Assistants will be able, also, to exhibit their products and services, share their vision on both national and international markets and discuss about the new advancements experienced by the sector throughout the world.

By participating in this event, the partners will be able to increase the visibility of their businesses, become known in media channels at a national and international scale, close highly beneficial trade agreements between companies, personalize the customer experience and improve the relationship of these with their brands.

Who is this event for?

  • Air Conditioning: Air conditioning companies, both divided system, roof, mobile, wall mounted, monoblock, precision, installers of air conditioning equipment, climatic and fluid engineers.
  • Heating: Professionals within the heating and domestic hot water systems (gas, electricity, fuel), geothermal heat pumps, solar thermal, gas boilers, thermal insulation and fire protection.
  • Ventilation and Air Quality: Workers of ventilation, air treatment, dehumidification, extractor hood, nebulization and smoke control.
  • Refrigeration: Industrial refrigeration companies (refrigeration systems, industrial processes, cold rooms), commercial refrigeration (ice factories, refrigerating closets, refrigerated display case), ice water production and refrigerated transport.

Some of the partners and media involved with the congress are: Royaume de Maroc, Alex, Bucchi, Mabani, Droben Energy, Trox Rechnik, Ville de Casablanca, FNIH, First Therm..

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