High-Speed Self-Repairing Door

high-speed self-repairing door


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    The Kavidoors high-speed self-repairing roll-up door provides a solution for the division of work areas, both indoors and outdoors, with high traffic of people and vehicles requiring rapid opening and closing maneuvers. Thanks to its self-repairing function, if it receives a blow, the canvas comes out of the guides without suffering any damage, and immediately afterwards, it flies to its original position to continue working as normal.

    The self-repairing doors are made to measure and have a wide variety of RAL colors to meet the needs of each client, as well as multiple optional features: additional peepholes, customized corporate tarpaulins, different opening and closing options.


    These are some of the advantages of the Kavidoors high-speed self-repairing door:

    • Closing with climatic and sanitary guarantees by using a system of tarps without reinforcements and a hermetic guide.
    • Opening and closing with speed variator. Maximum opening speed of 1.2 m / s.
    • Durability: Kavidoors high speed doors are made of high quality materials, offering great resistance and durability.
    • Safety: it meets the safety standards required under the EN13241-1 standard and complies with class 3 for wind resistance. The motor complies with the DIN-EN 12453 standard for “Industrial, Commercial and Garage Doors.
    • Easy assembly: easy programming and regulation, as well as low maintenance.
    • Self-repairing system.
    • Door pre-installed and with all the hardware.


    Categorie:High-speed doors.
    Aplication:Conceived for exterior and interior and intensive use.
    Materials:High resistance PVC canvas. Barrier photocell. Various RAL colors available.
    Maximum speed:Opening 1.0m / s and closing 1.0m / s.
    Sectors:Suitable for industrial sectors such as pharmaceuticals, agri-food, automotive, etc.
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