High-Speed Stacking Door

High-speed stacking door


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    The Kavidoors high-speed stacking door is ideal for the division of work areas with high traffic of people and vehicles and the need for quick opening and closing maneuvers, both indoors and outdoors, given its resistance to wind (class 2).

    Its application can be in large openings and in any industrial sector, being important to highlight the improvement in the energy efficiency of the installation due to its actuation speed.

    Stacking doors are custom made and supplied in a wide variety of RAL colors.


    These are some of the advantages of the Kavidoors high-speed stacking door:

    • Great resistance to air.
    • Closing with climatic and sanitary guarantees.
    • Opening and closing with speed variator: maximum opening speed of 1.8 m / s and closing of 1m / s.
    • Low maintenance.
    • Air tightness. The fast and hermetic closing of the Kavidoors high speed door allows better climate control. Using a canvas system without reinforcements and a hermetic guide, we make possible a closure with climatic and sanitary guarantees.
    • Kavidoors high-speed doors are made of high-quality materials, offering great strength and durability.
    • Easy programming and regulation.
    • This door complies with the safety standards required under EN13241-1 and complies with class 2 for wind resistance. The motor complies with the DIN-EN 12453 standard for “Industrial, Commercial and Garage Doors.


    Categories: High-speed doors.
    Aplication:Exterior and interior use.
    Materials:High resistance PVC canvas.
    Speed:Maximum opening and closing speed of 1.0 m / s.
    Safety edge and photocell.

    Emergency stop button on exterior and interior keypad.

    Easy manual removal of the tarpaulin in an emergency.

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