Cold-Store Doors

The best solutions for the food sector, although they are also valid for those industries that need to keep cold stores between 0ºC (32F) and -40ºC (-40F). Our cold-store doors, both sliding and hinged, are the ideal solution for your installation. The excellent thermal insulation and water tightness of the PIR are combined in a product specially designed to maintain optimum functional, climatic, hygienic and sanitary qualities.

Cold-store doors Advantages:

  • Design – An excellent design to ensure its functionality, both insulation and hygienic or sanitary.
  • Durability – Excellent performance of mechanical resistance and durability. We use PET metal coatings, for optimal use in the food industry and aggressive environments.
  • PIR insulation – The thermal insulation and water tightness of the PIR will make real savings to our final customer in terms of energy, an added advantage for your project.
  • Fire – The insulation core of the PIR carbonizes superficially in front of the fire, protecting the inner core and maintaining integrity and insulation. It does not contribute to the spread of fire.

Available models of cold-store doors: