Meat Industry


Meat industry is one of the main sectors of activity in any nation. In the specific case of Spain, it supposes a 14% of industrial GDP and 2% of national GDP, being the fourth industrial sector, only behind the automotive industry, oil and fuel or electricity production.

We are facing a very important sector for the economy and associated projects must reflect this fact with the best materials. At KAVIDOORS we are part of an Industrial Group that has been working on insulation solutions for more than 40 years, so we know that the refrigeration of meat products requires maximum safety.

Meat industry requires a hygienic design of the equipment and facilities, for which we offer cold storage doors, interior doors and logistic solutions to help you maintain cleanliness and disinfection in your meat industry project. In this way, by ensuring hygiene and avoiding temperature changes, you can keep the properties of the meat unaltered; Both nutritional as its smell, taste and texture.


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